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Well Pumps


Island Waterworks carries a full selection of Franklin motor controls and Flint and Walling pump products, as well as other specialized pumps and controls. All products are made in the USA.

All Flint and Walling pumps are factory tested before shipment to provide trouble free installations.

Franklin motor controls are also made in the USA and are an industry leader in controlling submersible pumps. Constant pressure well pump controls are now available for home owners, providing the same feel as city water for the user.


Pressure Tanks for Well Pumps

Island Waterworks supplies and installs a large variety of pressure tanks to meet your pump control requirements.

Whole House Well Water Treatment Equipment

Residential and Commercial Softeners

  • Clack controls, made in the USA
  • Reliable
  • Simple to use
  • Backed by a solid warranty

Iron and Manganese Filters

  • Clack controls, made in the USA
  • Non-chemical air injection technique
  • Simple to use
  • Backed by a solid warranty

Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell) Filters

  • Clack controls, made in the USA
  • Non-chemical air injection technique
  • Simple to use
  • Backed by a solid warranty

Colour (Tannin) Filters

  • Clack controls, made in the USA
  • Utilize softener salt as a regenerant
  • Simple to use
  • Backed by a solid warranty

Whole House or Business Chlorine Removal

Island Waterworks supplies and installs chlorine removal systems which also remove colour, taste and odour at all your faucets or equipment. This can be accomplished with an automated, self-cleaning system or with disposable filter sumps. Please call for a free estimate.


Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Island Waterworks supplies a full range of models and brand name UV sterilizers. We support the following brands; Luminor™, Trojan™, Sterilight™, UV Dynamics™, Pura , Wedeco™

Ultraviolet sterilization is a very effective way to disinfect a water supply. UV sterilizers actually mimic nature's own method of water disinfection. Exposure to the UV light causes disruption to bacterial and viral DNA. This eliminates the microbes' ability to reproduce, which renders them harmless to humans.

Ultraviolet sterilization is effective in treating for bacteria and viruses. However, it is not known to be effective on parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia. Additional methods of treatment should be used if parasites are a concern in your water supply.

Historically, chlorination has been the most common method of disinfection, but the use of UV sterilization has been gaining in popularity. When chlorine reacts with organic matter in the water, it produces disinfection byproducts, most of which are either known or suspected to be carcinogenic. Health risks associated with these byproducts have changed our water quality standards, as Health Canada now regulates maximum contaminant levels for THM's (trihalomethanes).

Ultraviolet disinfection is typically used with private water supplies from streams, lakes, or wells which are known to be bacteriologically unsafe, or in commercial applications requiring additional bacteriological protection. UV sterilization offers many advantages, including no change in water taste, no harsh chemicals, and no production of dangerous disinfection byproducts. It is rapid, effective, and relatively easy to install, monitor, and maintain.

Ultraviolet disinfection is never used as the sole method of water treatment. At the very least, it should be accompanied by sediment prefiltration to ensure that bacteria and viruses are not shielded from the UV light by particulates in the water. Additional pretreatment is necessary for hard water and water with significant levels of iron, manganese, sulfur, or turbidity.


Whole House Ultra Filtration

Island Waterworks supplies and installs ultrafiltration systems with hollow fibre membranes. These systems are typically used to remove clay and other sub 1 micron substances from well water.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Island Waterworks supplies and installs commercial reverse osmosis systems on well water to eliminate minerals such as sodium, arsenic etc. These systems are designed specifically for your requirements and are manufactured in the USA.

Rain Water Harvesting (for potable water usage)

Island Waterworks designs and installs whole house rain catchment systems with many modern features such as constant pressure and sterilization. We also specialize in gravity systems in remote locations.


Sea Can™ Mobile High Production Water Systems

A turnkey water delivery solution in a shippable sea-can container. These systems are engineered approved and currently in use in housing developments, forestry camps, mining operations and more. The systems are tailored to the water source at hand, and come ready to plug in and use. They can be supplied by stream, river, lake or ground water. Scalable in size, these packages easily supply 10-500 gpm production of potable water to service.

Drinking Water Systems

We sell and install Hydrotech purifiers for homes and offices. Hydrotech is one of North America's largest suppliers of proven water treatment equipment. The unit shown here can deliver 50 gallons per day using a Thin Film Composite membrane (reverse osmosis), sediment pre filter, carbon pre filter and carbon post filter with automatic shut off.

This unit does not require an electrical connection and is easily installed under your kitchen counter. Pure water is delivered through a decorative counter-top faucet.



  • Convienience of ultra-pure water on demand
  • Much better for the environment than bottled water
  • Effectively blocks: toxins, parasites, bacteria, algae, metals, chlorine
  • Smallest system on the market
  • Reverse osmosis membrane extends filter life
  • Assortment of designer faucets to choose from
  • Space saving design
  • Rugged construction
  • Backed by a solid 2 year warranty
  • NSF Certified